The son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is 26 years old. Look what he looks like!

 The son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is 26 years old. Look what he looks like!

Beautiful Hollywood actors Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise got married in 1990 and were considered one of the most romantic couples. But unfortunately, in 2001 their marriage broke up. At that time, the couple had two adopted children – Isabella and Connor.

Now they are already adults and their daughter is 28 years old, and their son is 26. Unlike their famous parents, they do not lead a public life and there are practically no photos of them on social networks. But more recently, Connor shared a fresh photo on his Instagram page, where he is captured with a huge fish in his hands.

Since the guy has not published anything for a long time, his subscribers were surprised at how he has changed in appearance. Previously, he was smooth-faced, slender and fit. And now Connor has a thick beard and began to look much older than he really is.

His adoptive parents separated when he was only 6 years old, each spouse had equal rights to communicate with children, but Nicole went to Australia, and Tom lived with his son and daughter in California.

Connor is still in a strained relationship with Nicole, but they are very close to their father. For some time, the guy was fond of cinema and even played in several films.

But over time, he realized that an acting career was not his path. Then he worked as a DJ and even succeeded in this direction, but in 2016 he ended this career.

n 2019, Connor married a girl from Italy. They live in Clearwater, in the US state of Florida. The man devoted himself to family life. And judging by his social media, he really loves fishing.



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