The story of Mr. Willis – the most unfortunate cat that became the happiest!

 The story of Mr. Willis – the most unfortunate cat that became the happiest!

This big ginger cat ended up in a shelter in Minnesota. At that time he was already old and ill. Because of his scares and old age the cat was nicknamed Bruce Willis or simply Mr. Willis. The cat was very poor and miserable, and people who saw him called him “the most unfortunate cat in the world.”

6-year-old Mr. Willis had serious health problems: scars, an eye injury, and chipped teeth. And the most serious, he had the feline immunodeficiency virus. The health of the cat was so weak that he constantly picked up various infections and could die from a common cold. Of course, no one needed such an old and sick cat. So he was going to be euthanized.

When a girl named Sandra saw an advertisement for Mr. Willis on the shelter’s website, his story touched the girl’s heart. The terms of the apartment lease did not allow her to have a pet.

However, she continued to visit Mr. Willis over and over again, and soon realized that she could not live without him. The cat completely took over her heart and Sandra decided that she must somehow solve that problem.


After weeks of persuasion, the landlord agreed to let the cat into the house. The shelter processed the documents very quickly – they wanted to get rid of the burden as soon as possible.

When Sandra drove the cat home, he looked dumbfounded and could not believe his luck. Mr. Willis was happy and purred the whole night. The shortcomings of the cat turned out to be his advantages – Mr. Willis irrevocably fell in love with Sandra, who saved him.

A year has passed since then, a very difficult one. The cat got seriously ill several times. But the home environment and Sandra’s sensitive care did their job – today Mr. Willis is practically healthy. And very, very happy to be a house cat, loved and loving!

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