The woman who won a million in the lottery made good use of the money she won!

 The woman who won a million in the lottery made good use of the money she won!

When a poor person has a lot of money, he begins to waste it: buy expensive and unnecessary things, gamble and travel. Our heroine Susan Herdman was always sure that she would win the lottery, and she knew exactly how to manage her money.

Susan grew up in a large friendly hardworking family: father, mother, two older sisters. The girl’s parents had their own farm full of animals. Despite the fact that the father of the family has been buying lottery tickets every month since 1994, no one really believed in luck.

The daughter took an example from her dad and also started buying tickets. Susan had a clear confidence that she would win the lottery and get her winnings. Yet when it happened, she was in shock.

At 22, the woman got married and at 24 gave birth to a son. She divorced her husband when the child was still young. Susan became a single mother and her only source of income was a beauty salon. Our heroine did all the work in the salon: she received calls, recorded clients, served them, and in the evening she came home and worked on the “second shift”, because all the housework was also on her.

One winter, Susan and her son had just moved into a new house, and they had to pay off a debt for him, and clients began to cancel the appointment en masse.

They did not have enough money to pay off all the debts and Herdman decided to buy a lottery ticket … And you know what, he turned out to be happy.

Susan cooked in the kitchen and watched TV while the winning numbers were announced. She put the TV on “pause” – the screen showed six numbers. She thought two or three numbers matched.
When Susan checked the ticket, she was speechless with joy: all six numbers on the ticket matched the numbers on the screen!

She checked many times, not believing her luck. The woman looked up from the screen, wrote her name on the ticket and hid it in the most reliable female hiding place – a bra. There was still a whole night left before the time to claim the prize, and Susan decided to go to karaoke to pass the time.

She was afraid to spend the money aimlessly.

Susan’s close people strongly supported her: nothing has changed after they found out that the woman is now the owner of a million.

Due to modesty of the woman, she changed only one thing in her life – she refused to work in the salon, and began to do her favorite thing – to work with animals.

The woman returned to the farm: she raised pigs and planted a vegetable garden. The woman leads a modest and measured life.

She always remembers her luck and cares about others: she donates to charity. During the quarantine, when there were no potatoes in the stores and she shared her harvest with everyone in need!

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