“Their Friendship Just Doesn’t Make Sense.” Piglet And Dog Instantly Become Best Friends

 “Their Friendship Just Doesn’t Make Sense.” Piglet And Dog Instantly Become Best Friends

When he was almost 6 weeks old, Winnie’s owners realized that they couldn’t take proper care of him, so they gave him up to Charlotte’s Freedom Farm.
At first, the rescuers thought that only his front legs were underdeveloped, but soo they realized that it was also his lungs and heart.

“The saddest part is that his activities have to be limited since he is always at a high risk of something happening to him,” says the rescuer.
Poor baby Winnie used to play with his other friends, but the thing is that the other dogs play too rough and it’s just too much of a risk for him.

Wilma is assumed to have jumped out of a livestock truck. She was brought to the Freedom Farm when she was found alone on the streets.
“She is really the sweetest, but she is just too sassy,” says the rescuer. “She screams so loud whenever I go over to pick her up, that up pretty sure anyone who passes can hear her.

Wilma has a very strong attitude and oh man, has she made one of her opinions very known. She made it clear from day one that she absolutely loves Winnie.
“From the moment they met you could see that they easily connected and instantly started to play with each other,” says the rescuer.

Wilma is a lot more gentle when she plays with Winnie. unlike other dogs. Nevertheless, the staff of the farm keeps a close eye on her in case she gets too close to the dog, to keep him safe and protected.
These limits haven’t made Winnie any less of a good player though. The duo loves to spend every minute together.

Winnie definitely needed a friend like Wilma. In return, Winnie made it much easier for Wilma t get adapted to her new sanctuary.

He made it much more comfortable for her to be here. She is still quarantined from other pigs, so she finds a good friend in Winnie.

This is a friendship no one thought would make sense. But they have officially chosen each other to be their best friends.

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