“They Are Bald Beauties.” Famous Women Who Decided To Shave Their Heads

 “They Are Bald Beauties.” Famous Women Who Decided To Shave Their Heads

Hair for women, and especially for celebrities, is one of the most important features of appearance. And while some beauties grow long hair and spend decent money on caring for it, others shave baldly.

The Celebrity Channel will tell today about famous ladies who do not hesitate to appear in public with bald heads. Each of them had reasons for such a bold step as giving up hair. 

Jada Pinkett Smith

The wife of the famous actor Will Smith suffers from alopecia – pathological hair loss, leading to their partial or complete disappearance in certain areas of the head or torso. At first, it was difficult for the actress to come to terms with the disease, so for some time, she appeared in public only in headscarves.

Over time, Jada realized that alopecia is a situation that she is not able to control, so she shaved her head so that no one would ask her unnecessary questions.

Fans of Jada Pinkett Smith believe that she looks very stylish and well-groomed even without hair!

Jessie Jay

Singer Jessie J shaved her head live on TV in 2013.

The purpose of the star was to raise awareness of the disease (complex neuromyopathic intestinal motility disorder) and raise money for people suffering from it. The consequences of a complex disease are malfunctions of the body, including hair loss. 

The courageous act of Jessie J was inspired by a girl who lost the fight against the disease. To help other people save lives, the singer decided to draw attention to fundraising by publicly renouncing her luxurious hair.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delavigne shaved her head in 2019 for her role in Life in a Year. In the film, she played a girl with cancer, and in order to feel the state of a person who loses her hair, she took a bold step. It is noteworthy that the producers of the film and the manager of the actress were against her decision, but the star herself never regretted it. 

Natalie Portman

Like Cara Delavin, Oscar winner Natalie Portman went bald for a while to work. In the film “V for Vendetta” her character shaves her head, and Natalie did it in front of the cameras.

“The experience was traumatic. The character I play had no other choice,” the actress said in an interview.


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