They bought a dilapidated house and rebuilt it into a cozy home!

 They bought a dilapidated house and rebuilt it into a cozy home!

A Hungarian couple decided to create an ecological farm from a dilapidated building. The couple bought an abandoned cabin and raised pets and poultry. They rebuilt the building themselves and now their farm brings income and benefits.

In 2015 Karina Kremer and Norbert Fogarassi decided they to move to the countryside and open their own farm. On the outskirts of the Danube-Drava National Park, in the vicinity of Siklos they found a ruined house.

Karina and Norbert looked at the house and decided that they could restore it. They liked the cozy village, located 14 kilometers from the old outskirts of the administrative center – the city of Siklos. Only 9 people lived nearby.

Norby turned out to be a talented builder. Previously, he was engaged in the repair of houses and these skills were very useful while restoring the house. There was an overgrown garden next to the house that just needed to be tidied up.

The land area near the house was 1.2 hectares. The new owners have cleared the site and begun their work. The couple plan to expand Zelentor NaturFarm and bring people to the village.

Karina believes that soon their farm will allow them to provide the entire district with 100% organic products. The couple not only opened their own business, but is also ready to help others in this matter. They are happy to share their experience and help novice farmers.

Everything in the house, except for electrical work, was done by Karina and Norby. They cleaned the walls, sheathed them with natural, environmentally friendly materials: adobe, clay, lime mortar, wood. The couple also made their own plumbing. They created their own water supply. They drilled a well and now clean ground water flows into the house for washing, flushing toilets, cleaning, watering and other needs. There are filters for drinking water.

They have goats and sell goat milk, cheese and meat. Now there are 34 individuals on the farm. They also breed poultry: chickens, ducks, guinea fowls and turkeys. There are also a couple of horses on the farm.


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