This awesome dog’s muzzle resembles a human face!

 This awesome dog’s muzzle resembles a human face!

An Australian poodle with an unusual appearance has become famous all over the Internet.

The dog’s face looks like a human face. He resembles an old man with grey hair.

The owners of the dog admit that they used to often pay attention to the humanoid face of their pet, but now they accept her as an ordinary dog. Nori is a kind and cheerful dog. She loves to walk and play with a ball.

Kevin Hurless and Tiffany Ngo created an Instagram account for their pet. They usually post Nori’s photos and she became quite popular.

They are pleased with Nori’s popularity in social media.

Thinking that Nori is a bit lonely, her family gave her a special gift. They adopted another dog, Boba into the family.

New pet is of a different breed. He is Yorkshire Terrier and Shih Tzu mix.


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