This man takes his sick dog swimming every day as the water eases the pain

 This man takes his sick dog swimming every day as the water eases the pain

A photo went viral of a dog named Schoep and his owner John Unger in 2012 where the dog slept in his owner’s chest while they were swimming in a lake in Wisconsin.

The story behind the photo caught the attention of lots of people.

At the time when the picture was taken, the dog had arthritis. That’s why his owner was taking him swimming every day in the lake to ease his pain.

The water helped him relax and fall asleep.

John adopted his dog from a shelter with a girlfriend. He wanted to marry her, but they broke up 11 years ago, which led him into a deep depression.

John said that Schoep was a huge help for him. He admitted that one night he had suicidal thoughts, and his dog was the one who helped him in that critical moment of his life. He was happy to be able to repay his dog’s kindness in some way.

When the vet told John that the disease was progressing, he realized how little time they have left together. That’s why he asked his friend to take their picture to keep as a memory.

The picture she took remained in the hearts of thousands of people.

The clinic where the dog was being treated, received so much anonymous transferred money that the vet was amazed.

According to the vet, John did everything possible for his beloved friend to live just a bit longer. Schoep lived a happy life and even celebrated his 20th birthday.

On July 18, 2013, John announced the death of his best friend.

“I’m breathing, but I can’t catch my breath. Schoep passed away yesterday.”

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