This nice parrot discovered small abandoned kittens and called for help her owners!

 This nice parrot discovered small abandoned kittens and called for help her owners!

The Millie spouses were walking in a wooded area not far from their home, in Brazil when she found two little helpless parrots under a tree. This happened 14 years ago!

Miller and his wife brought the parrots home and cared for them until they recovered completely. One of the parrots flew away, and the other refused to fly anywhere despite the complete freedom of choice. And for many years the parrot stayed with the family.

“We were surprised how a bird could stay if we gave her freedom to fly away. But … We called her Loro. We didn’t keep her in a cage. She was free to fly and go wherever she wanted,” Millie told The Dodo.

Loro is very sociable and likes to perch on Millie’s shoulder from time to time. She loves to be in the center of attention and receive affection from her owners.

@joseheber2♬ som original – Josemar heber Schmidt Milli

Recently, however, Millie noticed that the behavior of the bird has changed in a strange way. Loro began to disappear during the day and return in the evening.

Loro always spent nights at home, but within a few days she spent the nights somewhere and then returned. During the day she spent a lot of time near this hollow wooden fencepost.

And this is what Miller saw there:

“It turned out that the cat gave birth to three kittens and abandoned them in the temporary habitat of Loro. The parrots noticed the helpless kittens and could not leave the crumbs alone. Thanks to Loro, the kittens were found and rescued in time.”

@joseheber2♬ som original – Josemar heber Schmidt Milli

Millie decided to bring the kittens home and started caring for them. Loro excitedly did not leave the kittens, as if she controlled that everything was in order with them. Parrot Loro not only saved the kittens, but also provided them with a loving home.

@joseheber2♬ som original – Josemar heber Schmidt Milli

Millie the cat also became interested in little kittens and began to show interest in them and even decided to take care of the orphans.

“We continue to love Loro just as much. And she, in gratitude to this love, does not fly away from us. Kittens also live with us. And we will take care of them until they grow up and become independent,” Millie said.


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