This positive dog always finds a reason to smile

 This positive dog always finds a reason to smile

Meet Chevy, a 9-year-old Spitz who lives with his owners in Kettering. Chevy became a local celebrity thanks to his positive attitude towards life.

“Chevy is always in a good mood. We never saw him angry or sad. He even knows how to smile. If we go to the park, he is happy. If we are going to have dinner – this is also the reason for happiness. We have such a positive dog,” Chevy’s mother, Tina Markum Denlinger, told The Dodo.

Chevy goes camping with his parents. And in this case, he has a special little hat that protects his eyes from the blinding sun. And every time you put on this hat, Chevy’s mood rises sharply.
“He also loves to ride the golf cart with me and explore the area,” Denlinger said.

When a dog gets cold or wants to eat, his happy expression changes, and parents immediately understand that something is wrong.

But if you warm him up and feed him, then a joyful mood is guaranteed until the evening. Chevy’s infectious smile pleases everyone he meets on the street. It’s impossible not to smile back at this cutie.

Let’s wish Chevy lots of happiness and many reasons to smile. May he always remain such a cutie.

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