This rare hairless bunny was rescued from euthanasia and became a new Instagram star

 This rare hairless bunny was rescued from euthanasia and became a new Instagram star

Sometimes some animals are born different, but this does not mean that they are worse and do not deserve love. People usually do not really like animals with an unusual appearance.

A rabbit named Mr. Bigglesworth was born bald.  The animal was to be euthanized because of his rare condition, but a kind-hearted woman saved the poor creature, and now he has become an Instagram star.

A local breeder put advertisement about baby bunnies on Facebook and a woman named Cassandra Hall saw these advertisements. Suddenly one thing caught her eye. She saw a bald rabbit but he was not on sale for some reason.

The woman who already had a bunny contacted the breeder and decided to ask him more about the hairless animal. The breeder said he was going to euthanize the animal as no one would take him because of the rare condition.

A mother of two children took pity on the animal and decided to adopt him. Cassandra adopted the rabbit and her whole family decided it would be fun to name him after Mr. Bigglesworth, the bald cat from “Austin Powers” comedy series.

At first, all the members of the Hall family were worried about their new pet’s health. Cassandra said that she tried to search the Internet to find out anything about his condition, but could not find anything.

So the woman posted pictures of Mr. Bigglesworth on her other bunny’s Instagram account. She posted her new pet’s photos on instagram and asked if anyone knew anything about his condition.

The rabbit’s owner hoped someone could help her figure out what happened to her hairless rabbit and how to take care of him.

Netizens were quite sociable and started to share their experience with hairless rabbits.

It turned out that if you cross two rabbits with a hairless gene, they will produce hairless babies in each litter. The same happened in case of Mr Bigglesworth.

The bald rabbit has a high metabolism. He eats more than a normal rabbit due to his condition. But he is perfectly healthy and gets a veterinary checkup every 6 months.

“He lives in the house and we never let him out because he is very cold,” said Cassandra Hall.

“When our rabbit is cold, he shivers like a human. His skin resembles a child’s, it is very soft and delicate.

Yes, Mr. Bigglesworth wears socks to keep his feet warm.

He is toilet trained and does all his business in a cat litter box.

The woman likes her pet very much without paying any attention to his unusual appearance.

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