This stray cat walked into the man’s house through the dog door and then brought him all her four kittens!

 This stray cat walked into the man’s house through the dog door and then brought him all her four kittens!

A Los Angeles resident named Vincent was doing about his morning business as usual when he suddenly saw a cat that came into his house through the dog door. The animal entered his house through the back door, walked a little about the house and left as secretly as she entered.

The man thought that the cat has the wrong house that is why she left so soon.

But to his surprise, the cat soon returned dragging a kitten in her teeth. What a surprise?

Having brought the kitten into the house, the cat began to look for a place where she could put her baby. Vincent offered a large cardboard box with a warm blanket.

“Well, a cat and one kittens, it’s okay,” thought Vincent.

After lying down with the kitten for a while, the cat came out and went somewhere through the dog door. Vincent was worried, what if the cat decided to leave the kitten and do not return?

But the cat returned and brought three more kittens to Vincent’s house.

And then she ran outside three more times and brought Vincent three more kittens.

Vincent, by coincidence, became the owner of 4 pets. He called the cat Tala. He put saucers with food and water for the cat, and she happily lay in the box and licked her offsprings.

The cat felt that Vincent was a kind and caring person who could be trusted. Being in a hopeless situation, the cat brought the kittens to the house where they will be taken care of and caressed. You can never fool a mother’s heart.

Though the man was happy that the cat had chosen his home as a safe place for her kittens but he realized that he could not take care of 4 pets. So he wrote on Facebook about his unexpected guests and a woman agreed to take the cat with kittens.

Soon, the cat Tala and her kittens, that were given the nicknames Maui, Moana, Neilani, Ohana and Kiko found themselves in a temporary foster family. The kittens grew well next to their loving mother.

When the kittens were two or three months old, they all found their permanent families. Tala is now also waiting for her owner.

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