Trooper, a faithful cat remained until the last minute next to the grandma who raised him

 Trooper, a faithful cat remained until the last minute next to the grandma who raised him

In 2014, Alexis Hackney’s family discovered a small kitten in their basement.

One day they heard a cat meowing and realized that the sound was coming from the basement. Having gone down, they found that the kitten was in the wall. Alexis had to pierce the sheetrock with a hammer and remove the kitten.

“We named the kitten Trooper. She was about two weeks old, her eyes were just opened. Since Trooper’s mom didn’t show up, we moved her with us to Tallahassee, Florida to the house of my grandmother, Whaley.

“We lived with my grandmother all our childhood. She nursed us when my sister and I were little. Remembering childhood, the first who comes to my mind is our grandmother”, Hackney told.

Grandmother loved her grandchildren very much and was very attached to them. And she loved Trooper just as much when they brought her with them.

Grandmother bottle-fed Trooper, played with her, caressed and talked to her like a person talks to a person.

“We all noticed how friendly and how attached to each other they are. But how strong this connection was, we realized only after grandmother Whaley fell ill. Last winter, my grandmother’s health worsened and we noticed that Trooper spent all the time next to her grandmother”, Hackney told.

The cat tried to cheer up the elderly grandmother by bringing toys to her bed or something else found on the floor – even socks.

When Whaley became very ill, Trooper increased the number of things brought to the bed. Trooper would open cupboards, bring in all the socks, and scatter them on the floor.

Trooper knew what was happening; it was seen in her eyes. With a terrifying look, she looked at grandmother’s bed and did not know how to help her.

From time to time, Whaley had panic attacks, she did not understand what she was doing, scattering things that were nearby. At those moments the cat lay down next to her and she calmed down. But even if grandma unknowingly pushed or hit Trooper, she would never react aggressively.

Trooper was very upset when her grandmother passed away. The cat even stopped eating and hid all the time in another room under the bed.

“The trooper didn’t approach Grandmother’s body. But I brought her to her body so that she would understand that Grandmother was no longer with us. Poor Grandmother died just a few days before her 97th birthday”, Hackney continued the story.

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