Two female elephants rushed to save the baby elephant that was about to drown!

 Two female elephants rushed to save the baby elephant that was about to drown!

Elephants are very sensitive and kind animals. They are naturally very caring towards each other. There were many cases when elephants rescued other elephants. They have a very sensitive heart that cannot but respond to those who are in need.

These animals are very devoted and protective so they become excellent parents who like humans raise their children very carefully.

This story is an excellent proof of selfless action of two female elephants that are ready for self-sacrifice for a baby elephant.

These two female elephants noticed the drowning baby elephant and rushed to save him. This scene was recorded on the security camera of the Seoul Grand Park Zoo.

The elephant calf was so thirsty and he decided to drink some water. But all of a sudden the baby fell into the water and was about to drown because baby elephants cannot swim.

The first elephant tried to help the baby but she failed. Then the second female elephant joined her and thanks to their joint efforts and endeavors they were able to pull the baby out of the water. Thank God, the baby elephant was safe!

You could notice the third elephant in the footage as well. The animal was behind the fence and couldn’t come for rescue and was so worried that was walking from side to side and couldn’t hide her concern.

Such cases happen quite often in a herd of elephants. Elephants built unique bonds with the members of their herd.

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