Ukraine dog snuggles in vet’s suitcase beseeching her to stay

 Ukraine dog snuggles in vet’s suitcase beseeching her to stay

A stray dog Lenny was malnourished and hurt when he made it to an animal shelter during the Ukrainian war. He and other dogs were forced to starve on the streets for an unknown time.

When Dr. Courtney Katsur met Lenny for the first time, he was lying near the heater and shunned her. He underwent surgery and didn’t trust anyone.

A few weeks ago, she was living in Virginia and decided to go to Ukraine to help the animals wandering alone in the streets. Their families were forced to leave them behind and those poor creatures were traumatized both physically and mentally by the war.

The doctor assisted Breaking the Chains organization which provides food and medical care to animals. She helped a great number of animals. Each one of them had an impact on her. She admitted that she cried after leaving them.

Lenny was the most memorable patient of her because of his drastic change in behavior in front of her. He started trusting people, especially Dr. Katsur.

She remarked that he jumped and lay in her luggage. She was surprised because in the past he wouldn’t even let a person touch him. But at that time, he wanted to cuddle with her.

His transformation was incredible.

Lenny loves his time at the shelter. He has earned himself the nickname “the compound dog”.

The doctor said that towards the end he possessed the building.

She is now back in the US and tries to help the dogs in every possible way. She collects donations and coordinates volunteers from a distance. She intends to return to Ukraine soon so she can assist with her immediate help.

She thinks that they had completed about 0,1 percent of what must be done.

The rescued animals are now being cared for by a full-time Ukrainian vet.

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