What a life with a huge Maine Coon looks like…

 What a life with a huge Maine Coon looks like…

Maine Coon cats look like mythical animals due to their majesty and huge size.

An adult Maine Coon cat in length with a tail can reach 120 cm and weigh almost 9 kg. This breed originated from cats from Maine (USA), which were kept on farms to catch mice. The larger the cat, the better hunter he was. And thanks to the harsh local winters, Maine Coons grew beautiful long hair.

Meet the Maine Coon named Lotus, who has his own Instagram account with 132,000 followers.

The owner of the Lotus shows what life is like with a huge Maine Coon in the house. If Lotus lies down on the couch, then the place for the owner will remain only in the corner.

The Lotus does not even need to jump on the table in order to beg the owner in the kitchen for tasty treats, it is enough to climb onto a chair and stand on hind legs.

The standard sink, where cats love to sleep, is also small for the Lotus. He can only sit there.

Fortunately, his owner’s house is large and there is a yard with trees next to the house. So Lotus can comfortably spend time on the street when he gets tired of pushing his owners off the sofas.

Lotus lives in Sweden in an area with a harsh windy climate where it snows a lot. In general Ideal conditions for Maine Coon.

However, Lotus is not the only pet in the house there are also two other smaller Maine Coons.

The cat’s another advantage is his luxuriously fluffy tail.



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