What Actors From Our Childhood Look Like Now

 What Actors From Our Childhood Look Like Now

American cinema is designed in such a way that in a film about teenagers there will definitely be a “white crow” character. They make fun of him, do not take him seriously, and sometimes even spread rot. But this does not mean that the actors who played such children should repeat their fate. On the contrary, with age, many of them become more attractive.
1. Kyle Edwards from Road Trip

The stuffed, silent guy was played by Joseph Qualls. At the time of filming, the actor was 22 years old. In his role, he got used perfectly – thin, shy, silent. Such guys easily succeed in the role of nerds and sissies.
Today, Qualls is 42, he no longer wants to play losers, however, as well as to act in films. Joseph chose a different path for himself – a director and successfully shoots his own films. Today, the former actor looks many times more confident. No wonder he does what he loves.

2. Sherminator from American Pie

American Pie is not Chris Owen’s first starring role. At 15, he starred in the beloved by millions of film “Major Payne”. After the release of the tape on the screens, the actor woke up famous.
In “American Pie”, as in “Major Payne”, Chris was not reputed to be the first handsome man.

But with age, the red-haired boy began to transform, and, as a result, turned into a real female dream. Today, Chris is 39 years old. He still acts in films, although he prefers to refuse comedic roles. According to the actor, he is waiting for the role of his life.

3. Ron Weasley from Harry Potter

On the one hand, Rupert Grint got the main role in the cult film. But he didn’t play the universal favorite, the boy who survived, but only his “red shadow”.
Funny and awkward Ron cannot be called a “white crow” in the truest sense of the word, but he did not become the first handsome man at school. It will get dirty in ink, then it will break the magic wand. But Rupert, unlike his character, cannot be called funny, but rather attractive. Today, the guy continues to act in films and the girls really like him!

4. Randy Meeks from Scream

The role of a 100% nerd who knows everything about the world of horror went to Jamie Kennedy. His character is played perfectly, although at the time of filming the actor was already 36 years old.

Today, Jamie rarely acts in films, preferring to pay more attention to his family. Sometimes Kennedy participates in parody shows, which he does, rather, so as not to lose his talent. But outwardly, the actor looks great – a truly charismatic middle-aged man. Worthy of respect!

5. Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter

Perhaps Matthew Lewis, who played the clumsy Longbottom, can be considered a real phenomenon. At the time of filming the first “Potter”, Matthew looked like a small ball on legs, “decorated” with a pair of large teeth.
With each film, the guy gradually transformed … And by the age of 30 he had literally changed beyond recognition!

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