What celebrities 50+ look like without photoshop!

 What celebrities 50+ look like without photoshop!

If you see photos of some celebrities without photoshop, then you may not recognize them at all. On screens and magazine covers, they always look great. They look perfect thanks to good beauticians, training and right lifestyle. But they can not do without cosmetics, as well as photo editors. That is why we see ideal stars and wish to be just like them.

Many celebrities, especially those who are over 50, almost never go out without makeup. But some paparazzi still manage to photograph stars in their natural form. Let’s take a look at the pictures of stars with and without makeup!

Uma Thurman, for example, does not need to hide from fans or journalists. Many do not recognize her at all if they see her on the street. She even has a completely different face shape, thin eyelashes and a second chin. But there is nothing to judge her for: she is already 50 years old.

Look at the photos of 52-year-old Celine Dion. She recently wowed everyone at Fashion Week with both her bold outfits and her young boyfriend. Some even criticized the star for her skinny figure. But in general, Celine looked beyond praise. Experienced photographers helped her maintain such a chic image.

This is what Sandra Bullock looks like at 54!

Madonna is definitely out of shape at 62!

Kylie Minogue at 52 isn’t that bad!

You can definitely see signs of aging on the face of 62-year-old Sharon Stone!

Demi Moore looks very tired at 58!

Look at Naomi Watts. She is now 52 years old!

Julianne Moore is amazing as always. And this despite the fact that she is 60 years old!

Pamela Anderson is 53 years old. What do you think about her appearance?

Salma Hayek is 54 and she keeps herself in a good shape!

Here is Halle Berry. She is 54 years old!




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