What Conchita Wurst looks like now

 What Conchita Wurst looks like now

After her winning the Eurovision Song Contest, only lazy people didn’t talk about Conchita Wurst. The singer was reproached for all mortal sins. It is interesting to find out what the artist looks like today and what she does.

The real name of the artist is Thomas. He was born a man, but already in childhood, he realized that something was wrong with him. He didn’t like the clothes the boys wore, and Thomas didn’t have any masculine traits either.

His whole nature resembled a woman, fragile and refined. The guy had a hard time. As you know, children and teenagers are cruel.

Thomas listened to constant insults and insulting ridicule in his address. The artist had musical talent and a pleasant timbre of voice since childhood. He wanted to become famous to fight for the rights of people like him.

Thomas worked tirelessly on himself and studied with teachers. His painstaking work led to victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. It is worth noting that the singer was specially invited to perform as a representative of a non-traditional orientation.

It was then that the pseudonym Conchita was invented. However, we had to go through certain obstacles to win. At first, in the artist’s native country, they did not want to send a singer with an unconventional orientation to the competition, which he did not even try to hide.

Of course, it is interesting to find out how Thomas’s life turned out after the contest, which brought him worldwide fame.

The artist was legally married to a dancer from France. Their marriage lasted 4 years. Creative people were happy, but they broke up. For what reason, it happened is unknown. The singer does not like to talk about the details of his personal life.

Thomas is loved in Austria, he is popular. However, somehow the artist admitted that he began to get bored with the image of Conchita. He stripped him of his manhood. Thomas admits that because of Conchita, he began to forget about his masculinity.

Today, the photos of the artist say that he decided to try on a more masculine image. The talented singer’s heart is not busy now. He is in search of his happiness.

Thomas said that in the 6 years since his participation in the contest, people have become more tolerant of minorities.

This makes the singer very happy. He believes that people are becoming more humane and tolerant of others like them.

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