What does the child of a 3.5 feet woman look like?

 What does the child of a 3.5 feet woman look like?

Lera Kozhemyako is twenty-five. She is a wife and mother. But there is something that singles her out from everyone else – her height is 3,5 feet.

When the girl was born, her mother just reaized that her baby was not like other ones. It turned out that Lera has a rare genetic disease – she does not grow like her peers.

But the girl had a wonderful family. She was loved and cared for at home. But the rest of the world was not always welcoming. She faced cruelty and various difficulties every day.

At home everything was organized taking into account her height, but it was difficult for her at school, in the shop and other institutions.

Lera would have been depressed if she wasn’t an optimist. She tried to see the best in any situation and help others as much as possible. And she took her peculiarity for granted and lives on.

Fortunately, Kozhemyako was able to become happy in her personal life. On the social network, she met a person, who later became her husband. That man had disability as well.

Lera wanted a child. Doctors warned her about the danger of childbirth, but the girl was not afraid. Now the couple has a 2-year-old daughter.

Lets wish their family a lot of happiness.


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