With two wheels, a cat lives his life to the fullest

 With two wheels, a cat lives his life to the fullest

Rexie is special because of his extraordinary will for life.

When he was a kitten, he lost his legs. But that didn’t prevent him from living his life fullest. He received lots of love and care which helped him on his journey.

His owner said “He has adapted to living with two legs, and he’s not bothered by being handicapped. He runs, climbs, and plays like any other cat.” He always brings joy to the family.

He can chase insects like a pro and play catch with paper balls. When he rests, he either sits like a human and watches birds by the window or chills on his favorite carpet.

Physiotherapy helped him overcome all his problems.  His owner Daria always helped him, that’s why she got him a set of wheels to run more freely and go on walks with his mother.

He shows his gratefulness by hugging and cuddling with her.

The cat showed that disability won’t hold you back if you don’t allow it.

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