Woman spots random bear enjoying his time

 Woman spots random bear enjoying his time

Keira Mamakwa has had a busy schedule lately. After work, the woman does household chores and does not have time to rest at all.

Recently, she stopped by the landfill to throw away some unnecessary things. There she met someone whose day was more successful than hers. Having found what he needed for complete relaxation, the guy decided to pamper himself a little.

While throwing garbage, Mamakwa noticed a bear that was wandering around the landfill in search of a convenient place. It didn’t take long for him to find the perfect spot for a little nap.

The fact is that a recently arrived man threw away a good mattress and the bear, of course, would never have missed such a treasure.

While Mamakwa watched the animal, he enjoyed life without worrying about anything.

“The funniest thing I have ever seen”, the woman told DoDo.

She was so impressed by the scene that she forgot about her chores. And the bear apparently did not even think about interrupting “time for me”.

This is such a funny story about a bear who takes the best from life.

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