Woman stayed by her horse’s side for three hours after a massive animal got stuck in the mad!

 Woman stayed by her horse’s side for three hours after a massive animal got stuck in the mad!

Nicole Graham, being the owner of ten horses, loved to ride them from time to time. Daughter Nicole also shared her mother’s interest in these amazing animals. So one day they went out on horseback for a walk. Nicole was riding her favorite horse, a 17-year-old Astra, and her daughter – another horse a little bit smaller.

After walking some distance, the horses got stuck in the mud, which looked more like a swamp than mud. The horses were knee-deep in this mud and could not take a step. Nicole, having got off her horse hurried to help her daughter.

Paris daughter Nicole managed to get off the horse and get out of the mud. There was hope that the girl would be able to call someone for help. Three hours have passed! The horses were sinking deeper into the mud and the woman did not know how to help them.

“It was terrible to see how my horse gradually sank into the mud and I myself could not help her. The more I moved, the deeper I sank into the mud,” Nicole told the Geelong Advertiser.

The woman was trembling with fear, but she realized that the fate of two horses depended on her. She tried not to panic and calm down the frightened horses.

Luckily the fire crew with vet and the local farmer came to the rescue. Thankfully, the horses were not harmed, only dehydrated.

The rescue team was able to pull the animals out of the mud after sedating the horses, as they were frightened and unresponsive to their jerky movements.

“The mud was like quicksand, which, with incredible force, pulls to the bottom everything that falls into it. It was a hard battle but we won it,” said fire lieutenant Roger Buckle.

Fortunately everything was over. The girl and her mother were very frightened, but happy that they did not let their four-legged friends die.

Watch more about this dramatic rescue in the video bellow.

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